We make damaged bumpers look like new again.


With the era of plastic, painted bumpers upon us, scuffs, paint chips and damage to the bumper cover itself are becoming increasingly common. Damaged bumpers not only detract from the overall appearance of your vehicle but can also result in a substantial financial loss when returning a leased vehicle or on a trade in. 

Best Service Auto Body can restore your vehicle's appearance and value quickly and affordably. Using state of the art techniques and the highest quality products, our expert technicians make your damaged bumpers look like new again. Bumper scuffs, scratches, chips and other minor paint damage often be repaired without having to re-paint the entire bumper. It typically takes less than a day and costs far less than painting the whole bumper.

We can also expertly repair or replace bumper covers with more extensive damage -- whichever is the most cost effective for your particular vehicle. A complete bumper repair and repaint job can generally be completed in two days.