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Dent removal without paint damage.

Best Service Auto Body sets the quality standard in New York and New Jersey Area for paintless dent removal (PDR). It is not a matter of camouflaging the damage; we make dings and dents disappear - without the need for paint or body fillers. With this unique process, we restore your vehicle's appearance at a fraction of the cost and turnaround time of conventional body shop repair work. 

Our expert technicians use custom-designed tools to gain access behind the damaged area and gently massage the metal back to its original state. This process preserves the vehicle's exterior finish and structural integrity.

PDR is a metalworking art that requires a great deal of experience, patience and skill to do correctly. Don't take a chance having an inexperienced technician do a disappointing repair on your vehicle. Best Service Auto Body has the best technicians in the business with the experience, tools and know-how to do the job right. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Minor dent and ding repairs can usually be completed in as little as 30 minutes -- at a fraction of the cost of traditional body shop repairs. 

We offer you the choice of in-shop service at our convenient location in Brooklyn, New York, or mobile service at your home or place of business. Let us know what is most convenient for you - either way, the same low prices apply and we guarantee the highest quality workmanship.


We make damaged bumpers look like new again.


With the era of plastic, painted bumpers upon us, scuffs, paint chips and damage to the bumper cover itself are becoming increasingly common. Damaged bumpers not only detract from the overall appearance of your vehicle but can also result in a substantial financial loss when returning a leased vehicle or on a trade in. 

Best Service Auto Body can restore your vehicle's appearance and value quickly and affordably. Using state of the art techniques and the highest quality products, our expert technicians make your damaged bumpers look like new again. Bumper scuffs, scratches, chips and other minor paint damage often be repaired without having to re-paint the entire bumper. It typically takes less than a day and costs far less than painting the whole bumper.

We can also expertly repair or replace bumper covers with more extensive damage -- whichever is the most cost effective for your particular vehicle. A complete bumper repair and repaint job can generally be completed in two days.


Transform your vehicle into one-of-a-kind.


Best Service Auto Body can help you transform your vehicle into the vehicle of your dreams by professionally installing a complete custom body kit. Adding a body kit to your vehicle is one of the most effective ways to express your individuality. Our unique body kits enable you to create a dramatic presence with an exotic sports car appeal. 

The custom kits we use are fabricated using only the highest quality materials and workmanship, enabling us to create a seamless integration with your vehicle's body.

The addition of one of our unique custom body kits to your vehicle will not only allow you to increase your resale value, but in most cases, will enable you to recover the full cost of the body kit and installation as well.



Protect your investment with professional detailing.


Automobiles are generally considered the second biggest purchase the average individual makes during a lifetime - second only to the purchase of a home. For this reason, it makes sense to routinely maintain your vehicle in order to protect your investment. To ensure your vehicle's interior and exterior is maintained in top condition, it should be detailed on a regular basis.

When it comes to professionally detailing your vehicle, attention to detail is our passion. Best Service Auto Body's technicians address every nook and cranny - inside and out with painstaking care and the finest quality professional products.

Our exterior service includes a complete hand wash, oxidation removal, a sealant application to protect the paint and/or clear coat, a wax application to enhance the paint and/or clear coat finish, a thorough buffing to restore its luster, and a tire treatment to add the final touch.

Our full interior service includes vapor cleaning the carpets and mats, a thorough cleaning of all seating surfaces, applying a leather and/or vinyl treatment, cleaning all instruments, and applying a protectant to wood, where applicable.

Best Service Auto Body also offers a wide array of special services such as odor removal, overspray and fallout removal, specialized clay treatment, stain removal, engine degreasing, and wheel polishing and refinishing.


Restore damaged interior to original condition.


Best Service Auto Body's dedication to delivering the highest standard of quality and workmanship is reflected in our upholstery & interior repair services. Unsightly tears, burns, stains, and other damage to leather, cloth, and vinyl upholstery can be restored to original condition. 

We also expertly repair damaged dashboards, door panels, and carpets. Best Service Auto Body can also custom re-dye your vehicle's upholstery, carpets, and floor mats to revitalize a dull or faded interior. For your convenience, most upholstery and interior repair procedures can be completed the same day.