Protect your investment with professional detailing.


Automobiles are generally considered the second biggest purchase the average individual makes during a lifetime - second only to the purchase of a home. For this reason, it makes sense to routinely maintain your vehicle in order to protect your investment. To ensure your vehicle's interior and exterior is maintained in top condition, it should be detailed on a regular basis.

When it comes to professionally detailing your vehicle, attention to detail is our passion. Best Service Auto Body's technicians address every nook and cranny - inside and out with painstaking care and the finest quality professional products.

Our exterior service includes a complete hand wash, oxidation removal, a sealant application to protect the paint and/or clear coat, a wax application to enhance the paint and/or clear coat finish, a thorough buffing to restore its luster, and a tire treatment to add the final touch.

Our full interior service includes vapor cleaning the carpets and mats, a thorough cleaning of all seating surfaces, applying a leather and/or vinyl treatment, cleaning all instruments, and applying a protectant to wood, where applicable.

Best Service Auto Body also offers a wide array of special services such as odor removal, overspray and fallout removal, specialized clay treatment, stain removal, engine degreasing, and wheel polishing and refinishing.